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MCITP 70-622 Exam Cram: Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a Windows Vista® Client for Enterprise Support Technicians

Book Description

MCITP 70-622 Exam Cram

Paul A. Mancuso

David R. Miller

Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a Windows Vista® Client for Enterprise Support Technicians

Covers the critical information you’ll need to know to score higher on your 70-622 exam!

  • Install and upgrade Windows Vista in the Enterprise

  • Configure and troubleshoot Windows security features including User Account Control, Windows Defender, dynamic security for Internet Explorer 7, and Windows Firewall

  • Configure and troubleshoot Group Policy Object settings

  • Configure and troubleshoot Windows Server Update Services

  • Configure and troubleshoot network connectivity

  • Troubleshoot performance and reliability issues

  • Install and maintain desktop applications


    Paul A. Mancuso holds many certifications, including SME, MCT, MCITPro, MCSE Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and 2003. In addition to being an author of training curricula for the National IT Training and Certification Institute (NITTCI), he has recently worked as a Microsoft Subject Matter Expert on Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

    David R. Miller holds many certifications, including SME, MCT, MCITPro, MCSE Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and 2003. Performing as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), David has written numerous certification curricula, books, and information systems certification exams for companies such as Microsoft and Logical Security. Specializing in security topics, he has written and performed in several technical and security-related training videos. He currently writes, lectures, and consults on these topics.

    CD Features MeasureUp Practice Questions!

  • Detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers

  • Multiple test modes

  • Random questions and order of answers

  • Coverage of each 70-622 exam objective


    ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-3719-9

    ISBN-10: 0-7897-3719-1 

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. About the Authors
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
    5. Reader Services
    6. Introduction
      1. The Value of Certification
      2. The Microsoft Certification Program
        1. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
        2. Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
      3. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows Vista, Configuration
      4. Taking a Certification Exam
      5. Tracking Certification Status
      6. About This Book
    7. Self-Assessment
      1. Microsoft Certification in the Real World
        1. The Ideal Microsoft Certification Candidate
        2. Put Yourself to the Test
        3. Educational Background
        4. Hands-On Experience
      2. How to Prepare for an Exam
        1. Studying for the Exam
        2. Testing Your Exam Readiness
        3. Assessing Readiness for Exam 70-622
      3. Day of the Exam
      4. Dealing with Test Anxiety
    8. 1. Deploying Windows Vista
      1. Analyze Business Environment and Select Deployment Method
        1. Introduction to Business Desktop Deployment 2007
        2. Next-Generation Deployment Tool: Microsoft Deployment Solution Accelerator
        3. Deployment Scenarios
          1. New Computer Scenario
          2. Replace Computer Scenario
          3. Refresh Computer Scenario
          4. Upgrade Computer Scenario
        4. Infrastructure Requirements
          1. Desktop System Requirements for Windows Vista Installation
          2. Choosing the Right Windows Vista Edition
          3. Network Infrastructure Requirements for Windows Vista Deployment
      2. Prepare a System for a Clean Installation or Upgrade
        1. Configure the Components of BDD 2007
        2. Migration Considerations
          1. User State Migration Tool 3.0.1
        3. Preparing the Source Computer for Image Acquisition
        4. Crafting the Answer File for Automated Image Deployment
        5. Using Sysprep
        6. Capturing an Image from the Source Computer with ImageX
      3. Deploy Windows Vista from a Custom Image
        1. Deploy the Custom .WIM file
        2. Image Management
      4. Perform Post-Installation Tasks
        1. Restoring User State Data
        2. Ensuring Driver Availability
          1. Adding Drivers to Windows PE Images
          2. Adding Drivers to Windows Vista Images
        3. Managing User Data
          1. Windows Vista Profile Management
          2. Using Windows Vista Folder Redirection for Data Access
        4. Managing Computers with Multiple Operating Systems
          1. Managing the Boot Configuration Data Store
      5. Troubleshooting Deployment Issues
        1. Troubleshooting User State Migration
        2. Troubleshooting Driver and Application Compatibility with Windows Vista Images
          1. Hardware Compatibility
          2. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
          3. Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Tool
          4. Windows Vista Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0
        3. Troubleshooting Dual and Multiboot Configurations
        4. Troubleshooting Answer Files
        5. Using the Window Recovery Environment to Repair a Failed System
        6. Troubleshooting Corrupt Operating System Files
        7. Troubleshooting User Profiles
      6. Exam Prep Questions
      7. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
      8. Need to Know More?
    9. 2. Managing Windows Vista Security
      1. Configure and Troubleshoot Security for Windows Internet Explorer 7
        1. Pop-Up Blocker
        2. Phishing Filter
        3. Internet Explorer’s Protected Mode
        4. Fix Settings for Me...
        5. Cookie-Handling
        6. ActiveX Opt-In
        7. The Security Status Bar
        8. Digital Certificates
        9. Clear the Browsing History, Cached Content, Cookies, Forms Data, and Saved Passwords
      2. Troubleshoot Security Configuration Issues
        1. The Windows Security Center
        2. Securing the Operating System and Data in Storage with BitLocker
        3. Securing Data in Storage with Encrypting File System (EFS)
        4. Securing Computers with the Security Configuration and Analysis Tool (SCAT)
          1. Performing a Security Analysis
      3. Windows Firewall
        1. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
      4. Windows Defender and Other Defenses Against Malware
        1. Windows Defender’s Logging Capabilities
        2. Microsoft’s SpyNet Program
        3. MSConfig.exe
        4. The hosts File
        5. Getting Rid of Malware
        6. RootkitRevealer
      5. Windows Update
        1. Manual Updates
        2. Automatic Updates
          1. Permissions Problems Resolved
        3. Windows Server Update Services Server (WSUS)
        4. Troubleshooting Updates
          1. Time Synchronization
          2. Corrupted Update Files in the Updates Store
      6. Configure and Troubleshoot Access to Resources
        1. Permissions
          1. Determining Effective Permissions for the Interactive User
          2. Determining Effective Permissions for the Network User
        2. Printer Sharing
        3. IPSec for Securing Network Traffic on the Local LAN
        4. Securing Network Traffic for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Access
      7. Troubleshoot Authentication Issues
        1. SmartCards
      8. User Account Control (UAC)
      9. Exam Prep Questions
      10. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
      11. Need to Know More?
    10. 3. Managing and Maintaining Systems That Run Windows Vista
      1. Group Policy Object Overview
        1. The Standalone Computer
        2. Building a Local Computer Policy (LCP)
        3. The Domain Member Computer
          1. L-S-D-OU-OU-OU
            1. AD Forest
            2. AD Sites
            3. AD Domains
            4. Organizational Units (OUs)
        4. Applying GPOs to a Computer and User in an AD Environment
          1. And If That Isn’t Enough: Enforced, Block Inheritance, and Slow Link Detection
          2. GPO Refresh, Loopback GPO Processing, and Turning Off the “L”
          3. Building the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) MMC
      2. Group Policy Settings
        1. Desktop Settings
        2. Software Deployment by GPO
        3. Software Restrictions
        4. Managing Device Installation
        5. The Audit Policy
        6. Point and Print Restrictions
        7. Digital Certificates and Authenticode
      3. Troubleshooting Policy Settings
        1. Group Policy Results and Group Policy Modeling
          1. The Group Policy Results Tool
          2. The Group Policy Modeling Tool
        2. Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP)
        3. GPResult.exe Command-Line Tool
      4. Scheduling Tasks
        1. Command-Line Task Scheduler Tools
      5. Event Viewer and Event Forwarding
        1. Event Forwarding
          1. Source Computer Configuration
          2. Collector Computer Configuration
      6. Reliability and Performance Monitor
        1. Data Collector Sets (DCSs)
        2. The Performance Monitor
        3. The Reliability Monitor
      7. Exam Prep Questions
      8. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
      9. Need to Know More?
    11. 4. Configure and Troubleshoot Networking
      1. Configure and Troubleshoot Network Protocols
        1. Configuring Internet Protocol Version 4
          1. APIPA
          2. DNS
        2. WINS
        3. Network Address Translation (NAT)
        4. Configuring TCP/IP Version 6
          1. IPv6 Addressing Explained
          2. IPv6 Address Space
            1. Global Unicast Addresses
            2. Site-Local Addresses
            3. Unique-Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses
            4. Link-Local IPv6 Addresses
            5. Multicast Addresses
          3. Special IPv6 Addresses
            1. IPv4-Compatible Address
            2. IPv4-Mapped Address
            3. 6to4 Address
            4. Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)
            5. Teredo
            6. Loopback Address
          4. IPv6 Configuration
            1. Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
            2. Stateful Address Autoconfiguration
            3. IPv6 Local-Use Address and Zone IDs
      2. Configure and Troubleshoot Network Services at the Client Level
        1. Network and Sharing Center
        2. Network Profiles
        3. Network Setup Wizard
        4. Network Map
        5. Network Discovery
        6. Configuring Sharing and Discovery
          1. Network Discovery
          2. File Sharing
          3. Public Folder Sharing
          4. Printer Sharing
          5. Password-Protected Sharing
          6. Media Sharing
      3. Troubleshoot Resource Access and Connectivity Issues
        1. Troubleshooting TCP/IP Configuration
          1. Troubleshooting TCP/IPv4 Addressing and TCP/IPv6 Addressing
          2. Static IP Addressing Can Sometimes Be the Way to Go
          3. Netsh
        2. DNS Name-Resolution Troubleshooting
        3. Troubleshooting NetBIOS Name Resolution
        4. Troubleshooting Connections with Netstat.exe
        5. Troubleshooting with the Older Utilities
          1. PING
          2. Tracert
          3. PathPING
        6. Troubleshooting Routing
      4. Configure and Troubleshoot Wireless Networking
        1. 802.11 Wireless Standards
        2. Wireless Basics
        3. Managing Wireless Connectivity in the Enterprise
          1. Group Policies to Manage the Windows Connect Now Wizards
          2. Creating a Wireless Connection from an Available Network
        4. Wireless Security
          1. To Broadcast or Not Broadcast the SSID: That Is the Question
          2. MAC Address Filtering
          3. Static IP Addressing
          4. Authentication and Encryption Methods to Wireless Security
            1. WEP
            2. WPA-Personal
            3. WPA-Enterprise
            4. WPA2-Personal
            5. WPA2-Enterprise
        5. Troubleshooting Wireless Connections
          1. Informational Event
          2. Helper Event
          3. Repair Option
      5. Configure and Troubleshoot Remote Access
        1. Remote Client Access Connections
          1. Dial-up
          2. Wireless
          3. Broadband (PPPoE)
          4. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
            1. PPTP
            2. L2TP/IPSec
        2. Troubleshooting Windows Vista Remote Access Connections
        3. Managing Remote Client Access Connections
      6. Configure Network Security
        1. File and Printer Share Security
        2. Secure Files and Printer Shares with Access Control Lists (ACLs)
          1. Public Folder Sharing
          2. Creating and Configuring Folder Shares
          3. NTFS File Permissions
          4. Printer Permissions
        3. Windows Firewall
      7. Exam Prep Questions
      8. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
      9. Need to Know More?
    12. 5. Supporting Desktop Applications
      1. Support Deployed Applications
        1. Supporting Printing
        2. Supporting Legacy Applications with Virtual Machines
        3. Securing Application Data
        4. Deploying Applications
          1. Troubleshooting Published Applications
          2. Troubleshooting Assigned Applications
          3. Troubleshooting Deployed Applications
      2. Troubleshoot Software Restrictions
        1. Reviewing Software Restriction Policies
        2. Employing Software Restriction Policies
        3. Monitoring Software Restriction Policies
      3. Maintain Desktop Applications
        1. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
        2. New Program Compatibility Wizard
        3. Using Group Policy to Manage Application Compatibility
        4. Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0
      4. Repair a Corrupted Operating System
        1. Last Known Good Configuration (LKGC)
        2. Safe Mode
        3. Boot Configuration Data
        4. Boot from Installation Media
        5. System Restore
        6. Complete PC Backup and Restore
        7. Complete PC Restore
        8. System File Checker (SFC)
        9. One Last “Oops...” to Deal With—Convert x: /FS:NTFS
      5. Exam Prep Questions
      6. Answers to Exam Prep Questions
      7. Need to Know More?
    13. 6. Practice Exam 1
      1. Exam Questions
    14. 7. Answer Key to Practice Exam 1
      1. Answers at a Glance
      2. Answers with Explanations
    15. 8. Practice Exam 2
      1. Exam Questions
    16. 9. Answer Key to Practice Exam 2
      1. Answers at a Glance
      2. Answers with Explanations
    17. A. What’s on the CD-ROM
      1. Multiple Test Modes
        1. Study Mode
        2. Certification Mode
        3. Custom Mode
      2. Attention to Exam Objectives
      3. Installing the CD
      4. Creating a Shortcut to the MeasureUp Practice Tests
      5. Technical Support
    18. Glossary
      1. A
      2. B
      3. C
      4. D
      5. E
      6. F
      7. G
      8. H
      9. I
      10. L
      11. M
      12. N
      13. O
      14. P
      15. R
      16. S
      17. T
      18. U
      19. V
      20. W
    19. The 70-622 Cram Sheet