Exam 70-297 Suggested Exercises | 325
Prep and
Before you take Exam 70-297, we strongly recommend that you
review key features of Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and
network services. You might have studied these features while pre-
paring for the four core exams. The companion book MCSE Core
Required Exams in a Nutshell, Third Edition (O’Reilly), covers all
four core exams.
Analyzing the Current Administrative Model
1. Determine whether the company is following a centralized, decentralized, or
hybrid administrative model.
2. Find out why a particular model is being followed.
3. Interview administrators and IT managers.
4. Determine whether a different administrative model would be more produc-
tive and cost-effective.
5. Document your findings, noting all details.
Analyzing the Current Geographical Design
1. Determine how many locations the company is operating from.
2. Draw a map showing different locations of the company.
3. Determine how networks of these locations are interconnected.
4. Determine the types of WAN links and their bandwidth for each location.
5. Determine whether there are any issues with WAN connectivity.
6. Determine how many locations have local administrative staff.
7. Document your findings.
Analyzing Current Windows 2000 Infrastructure
1. Determine the current logical structure of the Windows 2000 Active
2. Determine how many domains, trees, and forests have been implemented.
3. Determine the implicit and explicit trust relationships between domains.
4. Note the names of all domains, trees, and forests.
5. Determine whether there are any performance issues with the current
network or directory structure.
6. Determine whether there will be any issues during migration to Windows
Server 2003.
7. Make a diagram of the current domain and forest structure.
Analyzing Current Windows NT 4.0 Infrastructure
1. Determine the number of locations of the company.
2. Determine the number of domains for each location.

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