Exam 70-297 Suggested Exercises | 327
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Choosing Domain Names
1. Determine whether the company will be using the same registered names
externally and for the Active Directory domain.
2. Determine how external and internal namespaces will be designed.
3. Determine whether the internal namespace will be based on the external
registered namespace.
4. Determine whether the internal and external namespaces will be entirely
separate and independent.
5. Prepare your naming design based on the above factors.
Designing a Domain Structure
1. Determine whether a single domain will fulfill the requirements of the
2. Determine whether security policies will be uniform for all parts of the
3. Determine whether any units of the company need a separate set of pass-
word or account policies.
4. Determine the number of administrators available for maintaining domains.
5. Determine whether multiple domains will be required for different units of
the organization.
6. Prepare a single- or multiple-domain structure based on your analysis.
Designing an OU Structure
1. Determine the type of OU structure best suited for the organization.
2. Determine whether location-based, function-based, or organization-based
OUs will be used.
3. Determine whether a mix of location-based and organization-based OU
designs will be suitable.
4. Design an OU structure for multiple locations of the organization.
5. Design top-level and lower-level OUs based on your analysis.
6. Determine how delegation of control will be granted to administrators.
7. Make a diagram of the OU structure.
8. Name the OUs, following naming conventions.
9. Determine how permissions will be inherited in nested OUs.
10. Document your design and include all details.
Designing a Group Policy Structure
1. Determine what Group Policies will be required at domain, site, and OU
2. Determine how Group Policy inheritance will work.

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