Chapter 6: Exam 70-297 Prep and Practice
3. Determine whether any Group Policies will be blocked or overridden by other
4. Determine the types of settings required for each Group Policy.
5. Design an Account Policy for the domain.
6. Design a Password Policy for the domain.
7. Determine how Group Policies will be processed in case of multiple policies.
8. Document your design.
Planning Accounts for Security Principals
1. Create a design for computer accounts.
2. Create a design for user accounts.
3. Create a design for group accounts.
4. Determine how group nesting will be done.
5. Determine how resource access permissions will be granted.
6. Determine naming conventions for accounts.
7. Document your design.
Planning a Site Topology
1. Draw a map of different locations of the company.
2. Determine whether any sites will act as a hub for nearby smaller sites.
3. Determine site boundaries and design site links.
4. Determine how site replication will be configured.
5. Determine how site cost links will be configured.
6. Determine whether preferred Bridgehead servers will be configured at any site.
7. Document your site plan.
Placement of Domain Controllers
1. Determine the number of domain controllers required at each site.
2. Calculate the capacity requirements of domain controllers.
3. Determine how domain controllers will be physically secured at each
4. Determine which domain controllers will hold operations master roles.
5. Determine which domain controllers will be Global Catalog servers.
6. Determine the placement of Forest Root servers.
7. Draw a map of the network and show the number and placement of domain

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