Chapter 7. Exam Overview

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is one of four Windows 2000 operating systems. Windows 2000 Professional, covered in Part I, is a client operating system that replaces Windows NT Workstation. Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Datacenter Server are scaled-up versions of Windows 2000 Server.

Microsoft’s MCP Exam 70-215, Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server , will measure your ability to administer Windows 2000 Server primarily as a member server in an Active Directory environment. You will also need to be familiar with using Windows 2000 Server as a file, application, print, and web server.

Windows 2000 is often used a client/server environment. It is much easier to understand a server’s functions if you are familiar with the client’s needs. I would recommend that you read Part I, before reading this chapter. We have arranged the parts of this book in the order that we would recommend you take the tests.


Need to Know


How to upgrade from NT 4.0

Section 8.2

How to create unattended answer files using Setup Manager


How to deploy service packs


How to troubleshoot failed installations


How to control access to printers

Section 8.6.2

How to create and manage user profiles


How to create and manage policies


How to manage network protocols and services

Section 8.5

How to create and manage a virtual private ...

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