Windows 2000 Active Directory

Windows 2000 Active Directory is such a fundamental change to the Windows networking philosophy that it is the main focus of two of the seven core exams. Although the Server exam refers to a few Active Directory concepts, you won’t need the type of in-depth knowledge for it that is required for the two Active Directory exams.

Active Directory Basics

A Windows 2000 domain has a few differences from a Windows NT domain. A Windows 2000 domain uses DNS domain names rather than NetBIOS names. DNS is the hierarchical naming scheme commonly used on the Internet. This method of organizing is sometimes called a namespace .

The first Windows 2000 Server in a domain can be assigned a DNS domain name, like This computer would be called the root server. Unless you specifically join an existing forest, a new forest will be automatically created with as the forest root domain . As more child domains get added to the domain tree, their names are added to the root domain name.

Each department with its own domain would add its unique name in front of the root domain, like or If the sales force is divided into inside and outside sales, these child domains would also add their unique name to the front of their respective parent domains, like and

If merges with and we both have Windows 2000 domains, the ...

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