Chapter 12. Exam Overview

Compared to Windows NT Version 4, Windows 2000 includes many incremental improvements to both its internal architecture and its user interface. Where the two operating systems really stand apart is in their directory structure. Windows NT scatters network resources among many domains, each with its own one-way trust relationship. Windows 2000 simplifies the management of network resources across multiple domains with the introduction of Active Directory.

Active Directory creates a hierarchical structure for every resource in the enterprise. Administration of user accounts, files, and printers from all your domains can be easily managed from a single, all-encompassing directory of network resources.

MCSE exam 70-217, Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure, will test your knowledge of how to install, configure, and secure an Active Directory environment. Once you get familiar with the Active Directory approach, you’ll find it’s a more intuitive way to manage network resources. Here’s a list of Microsoft’s exam objectives and where they are covered in this chapter.


Need to Know


How to create sites and subnets

Section 13.3.1

How to create site links and site link bridges

Section 13.3.1

How to create connection objects

Section 13.3.1

How to create global catalog servers

Section 13.3.1

How to configure and manage DNS zones

Section 13.4

How to create and manage Group Policy ...

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