Chapter 19. Suggested Exercises

For the Network Infrastructure exam, you should be familiar with all of the protocols and services described in this chapter, particularly all aspects of TCP/IP.

If at all possible, you should practice using a network with several workstations and servers. Experience with larger networks (multiple locations, subnets, and routers) is even better.

The following sections describe exercises you can perform to become more familiar with Windows 2000 network infrastructure.

Installing and Configuring TCP/IP

  1. For each machine in your network, perform these steps:

    1. Add TCP/IP to the list of protocols if it is not already installed.

    2. Assign an IP address. Use the private IP address ranges listed in the Study Guide to avoid conflicts.

    3. Use the ping utility from another computer to verify that the computers can communicate.

  2. Either on paper or in a real network, divide a class C IP network into subnets and calculate the correct subnet masks.

  3. Enable the Packet Filtering feature and configure several filters, then test to ensure that the ports have been blocked. ...

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