Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design

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This book offers a new perspective on improving healthcare that draws inspiration from sources as diverse as American healthcare history, Lean Six Sigma, patient experience, employee engagement, clinical microsystems, physician burnout, and industrial design thinking. This work focuses on the three value streams that form the foundation of all healthcare service processes: healthcare-worker value stream, patient value stream, and organizational process. The interaction of patients and healthcare workers in the context of these three value streams creates the meaningful experience that is essential to healing and to the success of healthcare organizations. Meaningful healthcare experience design guides the work of designing these value streams and improving them to promote experiences that are meaningful and healing for both patients and healthcare workers.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Author
  9. Introduction
  10. Section 1 Meaningful Healthcare Experiences
    1. 1 Meaning in Life as Meaning in Healthcare
      1. Meaning in Life
      2. Meaning in Work
      3. Meaning in Healthcare
      4. Summary
    2. 2 Meaningful Healthcare Experiences for People Receiving Care
    3. 3 Meaningful Healthcare Experiences for People Delivering Care
    4. 4 Proxemics, Emotions, Power, and Generations in Meaningful Healthcare Experiences
      1. Proxemics and Meaningful Experience Design
      2. Emotions and Meaningful Experience Design
      3. Power and Meaningful Experience Design
      4. Generations and Meaningful Experience Design
      5. Summary
  11. Section 2 Designing Meaningful Healthcare Experiences
    1. 5 A Healthcare Experience
    2. 6 Healthcare Service Processes from a Sociotechnical Perspective
    3. 7 The Three Value Streams of American Healthcare Experiences
    4. 8 Organizational Process Value Stream
    5. 9 The Value Stream of People Receiving Care
    6. 10 The Value Stream of People Delivering Care
    7. 11 Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design Map
  12. Section 3 Implementing Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design in Organizations
    1. 12 Meaningful Experience Design as the Foundation of Healthcare Quality
    2. 13 Aligning Organizational Structures for Meaningful Experience Design
      1. Structure for People Receiving Care
      2. Structure for People Delivering Care
      3. Organizational Structure
    3. 14 Introducing Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design into Healthcare Organizations
      1. Step 1 – Senior Leadership Appoints a Small Taskforce to Explore Meaningful Experience Design and to Develop a Proposal for Leadership to Review and Approve
      2. Step 2 – Integrate Organizational Structures to Support Meaningful Experience Design
      3. Step 3 – Develop Training Materials for Meaningful Experience Design
        1. Description of the Overview of Meaningful Experience Design
        2. Meaning, Beliefs, Values, and Principles
        3. People Delivering Care
        4. People Receiving Care
        5. Organizational Processes and Process Improvements
        6. Mapping Meaningful Experience Value Streams for Design and Improvement
        7. Implementing Improvements
        8. Reporting on Improvements
      4. Step 4 – Identify Opportunities for Using Meaningful Experience Design
      5. Step 5 – Initiate the First Meaningful Experience Design Project
      6. Step 6 – Completion of the Initial Meaningful Experience Design Project
      7. Step 7 – Report on the Initial Project and Lessons Learned
      8. Step 8 – Improve the Meaningful Experience Design Methodology
      9. Step 9 – Train More Groups and Initiate New Design and Improvement Projects
      10. Step 10 – Conduct Quarterly and Annual Reviews of the Program
    4. 15 Orienting People Who Deliver Care to Meaningful Experience Design
    5. 16 Inviting People Who Receive Care into Meaningful Experience Design
    6. 17 Improving the Meaningfulness of Healthcare Experiences
    7. 18 Meaningful Healthcare Experiences and the Ethics Committee
  13. Section 4 Insights into American Healthcare History
    1. 19 The Historical Epochs of American Healthcare
      1. Healthcare Free Trade Epoch: Prior to 1890s
      2. Healthcare Scientific Epoch 1890s–1920s
      3. Healthcare Scarcity Epoch 1930s–1940s
      4. Healthcare Prosperity Epoch 1950s–1970s
      5. Healthcare Globalization Epoch 1980s–2000s
      6. Healthcare Sociotechnical Epoch 2010s–Present
      7. Summary of American Healthcare Epochs
    2. 20 Ten Transitions from Twentieth-Century to Twenty-First-Century American Healthcare
      1. Organizational Transitions: Twentieth-Century Bureaucratic Hierarchy to Twenty-First-Century Complex System
      2. Organizational Relationship Transition: Twentieth-Century Transactional to Twenty-First-Century Emergent
      3. Organizational Leadership Transition: Twentieth-Century Control to Twenty-First-Century Trust
      4. Organizational Innovation Transition: Twentieth-Century Centralized to Twenty-First-Century Adaptive
      5. Process Transition: Production Method – Twentieth-Century Craftsman to Twenty-First-Century Multidisciplinary Team
      6. Process Transition: Delivery System – Twentieth-Century Hospital to Twenty-First-Century Continuum of Care
      7. Process Transition: Information System – Twentieth-Century Isolation to Twenty-First-Century Network
      8. Process Transition: Financial – Twentieth-Century Fee-For-Service to Twenty-First-Century Consumer Health Financing
      9. Cultural Transition: Professional – Twentieth-Century Autonomy to Twenty-First-Century Integration
      10. Cultural Transition: Metaphor – Twentieth-Century Scientific Machine to Twenty-First-Century Complex Adaptive System
      11. Summary
  14. Section 5 Reflections on American Healthcare
    1. 21 The World’s Greatest Creation – An Allegory
    2. 22 Reflecting on the Beautiful Death and Implications for Healthcare
    3. References
  15. Index

Product information

  • Title: Meaningful Healthcare Experience Design
  • Author(s): Scott Goodwin
  • Release date: May 2020
  • Publisher(s): Productivity Press
  • ISBN: 9781351646628