Meaningful Workplaces: Reframing How and Where We Work

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"Anyone who has a position of leadership in your organization should read Meaningful Workplaces. From the CEO to the front-line manager, this book will change the way people think about work. It is truly a must read for people creating the workplace of the future."

-- Paul Butler, Managing Director and Founder of GlobalEdg (recently retired -- Director Global Learning and Organizational Development, Proctor &Gamble/Gillette)

"Meaningful Workplaces is a must-read for today's workforce. It sagely advises organizations how to create cultures that provide a sense of belonging, a feeling of trust, caring, and shared celebration."

-- Dr. Peggy Dolet, Director of Human Resources, American Society for Engineering Education

"Chalofsky's Meaningful Workplaces models do a great job of reframing the discussion about work and values. He provides excellent examples of organizations that have made measurable and sustainable strides in achieving "integrated wholeness" in today's competitive environment. I found it both practical and insightful."

-- Kimo Kippen former Vice President, Center of Excellence, Marriott International, former Chair, ASTD Board of Governors, and Executive in Residence at Catholic University

"Dr. Chalofsky captures the essence of what motivates people to work beyond material gain. Grounded in decades of organizational research and practice, it is a source that can be trusted. I highly recommend this book to students of organizational studies, company leaders, and people seeking answers to the questions of what it takes to create and sustain meaningful work and humane workplaces."

-- Dr. Susan Gayle, Chief Administrative Officer, Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC

"Chalofsky's experience and expertise shine through as he takes readers on a journey about how humanistic organizations lead to increased joy, passion, learning, personal growth, high performance, and bottom-line success. This excellent text ties years of concepts into a coordinated whole culture, learning, engagement, motivation, community, and work-life integration. Chalofsky provides concepts, practical approaches, and realistic examples for students, leaders, practitioners, and educators."

-- Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis Chair, Department of Management, School of Business, Marymount University, Managing Partner, Strategic Performance Group

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
    1. My Journey and What I Learned from It
    2. Reframing Our Thinking About Work
    1. Why Is This Topic Important?
    2. What Can You Achieve with This Book?
    3. How Is This Book Organized?
    4. Benefits from This Book
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Introduction
    1. What Is Missing?
    2. What Happened
    3. The Humanistic Movement in the Workplace
    4. Reframing the Discussion About Work and Values
    5. What Is Meaningful Work?
    6. What Is a Meaningful Workplace?
    7. The Rest of the Book
  7. SECTION 1 - Meaningful Work
    1. Chapter 1 - The Elements of Meaningful Work
      1. Meaning Plus Work
      2. The Meaningful Work Model
    2. Chapter 2 - Bringing Your Whole Self to Work
      1. Spirituality and Work
      2. Finding Your Purpose
      3. Finding Purpose by Helping Others
      4. Self-Actualization and Reaching Your Potential
      5. Self-Efficacy and Control
      6. Meaningful Learning
      7. Increasing Capacity to Learn
      8. Conclusion
    3. Chapter 3 - The Meaning Is in the Work Itself
      1. Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation
      2. Fulfilling Your Purpose
      3. Personal Mastery
      4. Learning: Challenge, Creativity, and Continuous Growth
      5. Control and Self-Directed Learning
      6. Autonomy and Empowerment
      7. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 4 - Work-Life Balance
      1. Balancing Work and the Rest of Life
      2. Career-Life Balance
      3. A Different Concept of Balance
      4. Conclusion
  8. SECTION 2 - Meaningful Workplaces
    1. Chapter 5 - The Elements of a Meaningful Workplace
      1. Great Workplaces
      2. Findings from the Study
    2. Chapter 6 - Values-Based Organizational Culture
      1. What Goes into a Values-Based Culture
      2. Values-Based Leadership
      3. The Business Case for Values-Based Cultures
      4. Work-Life Programs and Policies
    3. Chapter 7 - Social Responsibility as Part of a Values-Based Culture
      1. Principle: Employment Practices
      2. Principle: Community Involvement
      3. Diversity
      4. Conclusion
    4. Chapter 8 - Employee Engagement and Commitment
      1. Employee Commitment
    5. Chapter 9 - Reframing the Nature of the Workplace
      1. The Need to Reframe the Workplace
      2. Workplace Community
      3. SAS: A Workplace Community with a Values-Based Culture
      4. Conclusion: Reframing Back to the Community
    6. Chapter 10 - Integrated Wholeness at the Individual and Organizational Levels
      1. Integrated Wholeness at the Individual Level
      2. Integrated Wholeness at the Organizational Level
      3. Building the Meaningful Workplace
  11. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Meaningful Workplaces: Reframing How and Where We Work
  • Author(s): Neal Chalofsky
  • Release date: May 2010
  • Publisher(s): Pfeiffer
  • ISBN: 9780470403006