Note:Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures, “t” indicate tables’.
Academic analytics, 135
Academic and non-academic support services, 61, 104
Academic literature, 118, 147
Academic performance, 157
Academic staff/faculty, 3
Academic success, 2
Acceptable response rates, 52
Accreditation and quality assessment, 17
Acknowledgement factor, 51
Administration and type, surveys
benchmarking process, 155
International Barometer Survey, 156
Library Client Satisfaction Survey, 156
Student Services Surveys, 156
tech-savvy students, 154–155
Web-based administration, 154–155
Administrative managers, 4
Anecdotal evidence, 152
Annual faculty performance review process, 3–4
Annual faculty planning cycles, 1
Australasian University Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE), ...

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