Chapter 15. Be Connected and Coordinated

To be successful, you need your team and a network. You must work hard and deliver on the information, experiences, and stuff that your audience expects. Times have changed, and will continue to change, so while the premium today is on having a leader with vision and demonstrable passion for your organization, you must always remain approachable and connected, grounded and accessible. It is from these attributes that your audience will find the ability to engage, trust, and follow you.

The poet, George Santayana, famously wrote that, "Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. "In some ways that is still true. The same fundamental concepts that drove economic expansion in the past are still relevant today. Audience expectations of the organizations they belong to haven't really changed—maybe audiences have a better focus on how to explain what they want or are more easily able to express it. But there are many who believe that a new model must be created in order to maximize the opportunity that this new economic reality creates. Truly, the more some things change, the more some things can stay the same.

The Because Effect

It is easy to become confused about what is new and what hasn't changed with the flurry of theories, articles, and examples flooding the conversation every day. Instead of chasing the newest and hottest trend all the time, remember what motivated you in the first place. There was and will always be some foundational ...

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