Appendix 1Classification of the Justifications in terms of the Different Real-world Environmental Parameters and Fundamental Ethical Principles pertaining to the Major Objectives of an IS in Healthcare

Table A1.1. Justifications of the purposes of the major objectives of an IS in healthcare in terms of the real-world environmental parameters

Justifications of the purposes of the major objectives of an IS in healthcareReal-world environmental parametersFundamental ethical principles
– Supporting medical decision-making by the healthcare professional– Promoting quality, organization, management and planning of the patient’s care– Working for the good of the patient– Sharing common, transparent and accessible information– Ensuring quality and choice of the information transmitted– Improving continuity of care– Supporting the monitoring of all healthcare activities– Helping the Health Ministry to serve the expectations and treatment of cancer for the healthcare user– Establishing legitimacy of the law and of information processing– Establishing a duty of security, integrity, traceability and medical data protectionStrategic and methodologicalOrganizational and regulatoryRelational and culturalStrategic and methodologicalStructural and technologicalStrategic and methodologicalStrategic and methodologicalRelational and culturaOrganizational and regulatoryStructural and technologicalBeneficence
– Evaluating performance and defining the domains where action is required, listing ...

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