Key Contacts
Writing Guide
I. Questions to Answer
1. Who are the “leaders” in your community that you know on a personal level?
2. Have you had occasion to meet key political leaders?
3. Have you had occasion to meet the president of the hospital(s) you use? Key leaders of
the major managed care plans?
II. Data Sources and Applications
1. None
III. Issues/Problems to Explore
1. Have you established the personal contacts, either directly or indirectly, that enable you
to quickly do business in your community?
2. How will you develop or expand your network?
“Business—real business—isn’t about money. It’s about people. You have to know and
understand people.
—Andre Meyer
Late senior partner of Lazard Frere and Co.
One set of relationships is among the people and organizations with whom you do business.
ere is another set of relationships, some of which overlap, that “grease the wheel” and provide
advice and resources to enable you to do business and to expand and enhance your business.
ese key contacts” may provide referrals, introductions, and referrals for banking, lending,
and other needed business services, and referrals for zoning approvals and other governmental
regulatory actions.
40 ◾  Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook, Third Edition
Key Contacts
Managed care organizations:
Chamber of commerce/business and civic organizations:
Political ocials:
Medical society:
Who do we need to get to know?

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