Writing Guide
I. Questions to Answer
1. What kinds of clinical services does my practice oer?
2. Does the practice oer any nonclinical, but value-added services?
3. What are the principal sources of revenue?
4. For your service area, are there services that you could provide that aren’t being pro-
vided, where access is dicult, or that you could provide better, cheaper, or faster?
II. Data Sources and Applications
1. Practice management information system
2. Internal records
III. Issues/Problems to Explore
1. Is my revenue driven from oce care, hospital care, procedures, or other sources?
2. What’s the most revenue productive use of physician time?
All medical practices are not the same. Even within the same specialty, there are variances between
practices as to what services are provided, where they are provided, and the degree of ancillary
services provided.
In marketing, there is a concept of “product lines” and “service lines.Many hospitals have
adapted this concept to their operations. In essence, a service line or product line is a means of
gathering the dierent services into groupings that have some distinctive relationship and are
of sucient volume to be worth analyzing separately from other services. For example, oce
visits and hospital visits would be two dierent lines of service even though both involve see-
ing a patient; it is the location of the service and the intensity of it that become the delineating
In this chapter, list the services provided in your practice. In particular, note any services that
are special” for your specialty—that is, other practices in your specialty usually dont provide the
service. is analysis helps you identify where the “core” of your practice lies in terms of services,
volume of patients, and revenue.
50 ◾  Medical Practice Business Plan Workbook, Third Edition
1. Describe the services currently oered.
Oce visits:
Hospital visits:
Testing/treatment (list):
Services ◾  51
2. Describe services that should be enhanced or added.
3. What is the potential additional utilization demand for services that are enhanced or new to
your practice?
Utilization by Service for Last 12 Months
Service Number RVUs Charges Collections
Office visits
Hospital visits
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