Chapter 2

Spelling Out What Medicare Covers (A Lot, but Not Everything)

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a handle on the coverage you get under Medicare Part A and Part B

arrow Figuring out what Medicare Part D covers

arrow Being aware of what Medicare doesn’t cover

arrow Recognizing that some coverage comes with limits

Medicare is huge — a program of Titanic proportions. It covers so many medical services that just to list them all would fill this entire book. And describing each service or item in detail — in terms of the coverage requirements or limitations that apply in different circumstances — would take several books. So I need to use a big brush here.

In this chapter, I broadly paint in the categories of care that Medicare pays for under Part A, Part B, and Part D so that you get a good idea of its scope. (The Medicare Advantage program gets its own explanation in Chapters 1, 9, and 11.) I also explain some types of care that you may expect to be covered by Medicare but that actually aren’t. And finally, I show that a few services come with limitations on coverage, meaning that Medicare helps pay ...

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