Chapter 6

Enrolling in Medicare at the Right Time for You

In This Chapter

arrow Signing up for Medicare during your initial enrollment period

arrow Qualifying for a special enrollment period

arrow Knowing when to enroll in other special circumstances

arrow Figuring out your Part D enrollment options

arrow Facing the music for not enrolling at the proper time

When you’re about to dive into Medicare, the most important item on your to-do list is make sure you enroll at the right time for you. Why is this timing such a big deal? Because if you get it wrong, the mistake may cost you a lot of money — not just in the short term but for all future years — and in some situations may even leave you without health coverage for several months. Not something you want to risk, right?

This chapter provides absolutely critical information on the best time to sign up for Medicare services according to your individual circumstances. Don’t be clueless about this stuff! Nobody’s going to send your Medicare ID card tucked inside ...

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