Chapter 7

Discovering How to Sign Up for Medicare

In This Chapter

arrow Joining Parts A and B automatically

arrow Enrolling in Parts A and B within the United States or from overseas

arrow Refusing Part A or B coverage

arrow Making sure you’re clear on when your coverage will begin

So you’ve got your personal enrollment deadline figured out and know when you should sign up to avoid nasty surprises like late penalties. In comparison, the process of actually enrolling is relatively straightforward. (Do I hear a faint hurrah?)

In this chapter, I explain the actual mechanics of enrolling in Part A and Part B (traditional Medicare) — but not in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans or Part D. You must first be enrolled in both A and B to sign up with an MA plan, and you must have either A or B to join a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan. Also, enrollment in an MA or Part D plan involves the more complicated process of comparing probably dozens of private plans available in your area and choosing just one. That’s a whole different ballgame — believe me! — that I discuss in detail in Chapter 10 (Part D drug plans) ...

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