Chapter 8

Understanding How Medicare Fits In with Other Health Insurance

In This Chapter

arrow Mastering the concept of coordination of benefits

arrow Knowing the score if you have health coverage from a current or former employer

arrow Understanding how other federal benefits work with Medicare

arrow Grasping how workers’ compensation and other insurance issues work with Medicare

Insurance for health care can come from a variety of different places as well as from Medicare. Let me count the ways: Medicaid, Medigap, a current or former employer or union, COBRA, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, TRICARE, Veterans Affairs, the Indian Health Service, the Federal Black Lung Benefits Program, workers’ compensation, and no-fault insurance or liability insurance. Phew — that’s quite a list!

So the question arises: What if you have two types of coverage — Medicare plus another? What if you have three types, four, or even more? How do your medical bills get paid? How does it all work together? In this chapter, I explain how Medicare works in conjunction with each of the types of insurance I listed ...

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