Chapter 10

Choosing Wisely If You Go with Traditional Medicare

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the importance of comparing plans carefully

arrow Utilizing Medicare’s online plan finder to discover the best Part D drug plan for you

arrow Picking the Medigap supplemental policy that best meets your needs

Deciding on traditional Medicare as the way to receive your medical benefits under Part A and Part B means that you may need to add Part D prescription drug coverage and may want to buy Medigap supplemental insurance to cover most of your out-of-pocket costs. I say “may” because many people who choose traditional Medicare don’t need Part D drug coverage or supplemental insurance. So if you have retiree benefits that provide good drug coverage, take care of services that Medicare leaves out, and/or pay for some of Medicare’s deductibles and co-pays, you can skip this chapter and head to Chapter 13.

Similarly, if you’ve decided to get your benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan, such as a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO), rather than traditional Medicare, skip this chapter and turn to Chapter 11, where I discuss how to go about comparing plans to find ...

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