Chapter 14

Getting the Inside Scoop on Using Certain Medicare Benefits

In This Chapter

arrow Making sense of Medicare Part A

arrow Digging into Medicare Part B

arrow Picking apart Medicare Part D

Over the years, out of thousands of people who’ve sent me questions about Medicare, the folks I remember best are the ones who stumped me. They not only asked tough questions but also drew my attention to situations I never knew existed. So then, of course, I scrambled to explore those situations and obtain the answers from legal experts in government agencies, mainly Medicare and Social Security. If that experience was like pulling teeth on occasion, it most often resulted in lighting up some obscure regulations and allowed me to pass along information on these issues to a wider audience. For me, it was a form of higher education, and I’m indebted to the readers who triggered it.

Some of those answers are elsewhere in this book. In this chapter, I examine some of the other finer points of Medicare coverage that aren’t always properly explained in the official guides. You may never encounter any of these issues. But if you do, I hope the information in these pages empowers you to get the most out of your ...

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