Chapter 16

Knowing Your Rights

In This Chapter

arrow Arming yourself with accurate info

arrow Dealing with issues through non-appeal channels

arrow Taking first steps toward an appeal

arrow Appealing a decision you disagree with

Sooner or later you may have some kind of issue over your Medicare coverage. Note that I’m saying may, not will. But just in case it happens, keep in mind that you have every right to challenge a decision you don’t agree with — whether it’s made by Medicare, Social Security, a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Part D drug plan — or to file a complaint about the kind of care you receive. You can try to resolve a variety of problems through different procedures, from making a simple request to pursuing a full-blown appeal. In this chapter, I walk you through those procedures and suggest ways to seek free professional help in making appeals. But first, I consider a very basic right that isn’t always addressed: your right to accurate information.

Understanding Your Right to Accurate Information

A major reason for writing this book is my deep concern about how often people receive information ...

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