Chapter 18

Ten Ways to Stay Healthier Beyond Age 65

In This Chapter

arrow Acting now to stave off some of the unwelcome consequences of growing older

arrow Maximizing your energy and enjoyment of life

Nobody really feels “old” at 65 anymore, and many can expect to live for another 20 years or so after that, with an ever-growing number of Americans (more than 53,000 at the time of the United States census in 2010) getting to see 100 candles on their cakes. The prospect of increased longevity is great, as long as we stay healthy enough to enjoy it.

Looking after your health as much as you can isn’t just a matter of feeling good. It also helps preserve your independence so that you have a chance of living for many more years on your own terms in your own home. This chapter considers ten ways to achieve these goals.

Taking Action to Avoid Falls

Making sure not to fall is about the best thing you can do to keep your independence and prevent costly medical treatments. Falls lead to around 9 million visits to the emergency room and cause about 25,000 deaths each year, according to the National Safety Council. Yet experts say that many of these tumbles can be avoided in very simple ways, as follows:

  • Wear sensible shoes that fit properly and don’t slip.
  • Clip your toenails (or have them clipped) ...

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