Meet the Expert: What to Do When AI Fails with Andrew Burt and Patrick Hall

Video description

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have at least one thing in common with traditional software systems: they fail. AI failures might consist of discriminatory behavior, privacy violations, or even security breaches that can lead to lawsuits, regulatory fines, and more. So what can organizations do to avoid these pitfalls?

In this Meet the Expert with Andrew Burt and Patrick Hall—the cofounders of, a boutique law firm focused on AI and analytics—learn how to prevent the inevitable failures in your ML systems from spiraling into full-blown AI incidents. As you explore a new approach to incident response specifically tailored to AI, you’ll learn when and why AI creates liability for the organizations that employ it and how those organizations should react when their AI causes major problems.

Recorded on May 13, 2021. See the original event page for resources for further learning or watch recordings of other past events.

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  • Title: Meet the Expert: What to Do When AI Fails with Andrew Burt and Patrick Hall
  • Author(s): Patrick Hall, Andrew Burt
  • Release date: May 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920557913