Meet the Expert: JJ Asghar on Migrating a Monolith to Cloud Native

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Moving to a cloud native ecosystem offers many benefits, from cost savings to scalability. But the process isn’t as simple as it looks, and companies that want to capitalize on these benefits often stumble into unexpected roadblocks. Whether you’ve just started on your cloud native journey or you’ve already containerized your first app and pushed it to Kubernetes, preparing fully for cloud native migration is crucial.

In this Meet the Expert, IBM Cloud developer advocate JJ Asghar discusses surprises that a few enterprises, in the guise of AsgharLabs, ran into when moving toward the cloud native world—and shares the lessons you should learn from their mistakes so your migration to cloud native will deliver on its promises.

Recorded on September 15, 2021. See the original event page for resources for further learning or watch recordings of other past events.

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  • Title: Meet the Expert: JJ Asghar on Migrating a Monolith to Cloud Native
  • Author(s): JJ Asghar
  • Release date: September 2021
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 0636920625322