Chapter 1. Professional Crash Dump Analysis

Sparse Complete x64 Memory Dumps

Because of the larger virtual address space, x64 Windows servers usually are equipped with 16 GB or more physical memory to take the advantage of the new vast memory layout where pools are "virtually" unlimited and their size is measured in GB rather than in Mb (highlighted in enlarged bold font below):

0: kd> !vm *** Virtual Memory Usage *** Physical Memory: 4193970 ( 16775880 Kb) Page File: \??\C:\pagefile.sys Current: 17825792 Kb Free Space: 17810140 Kb Minimum: 17825792 Kb Maximum: 17825792 Kb Page File: \??\D:\pagefile.sys Current: 32768000 Kb Free Space: 32754984 Kb Minimum: 32768000 Kb Maximum: 32768000 Kb Available Pages: 3851036 ( 15404144 Kb) ResAvail Pages: 3951755 ...

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