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Metadata Management

Video Description

Learn all about metadata in this video including:
  • An overview of metadata, where we define metadata (and not your typical “data about data” definition), and see many examples such as documents and spreadsheets.
  • A history of metadata. Metadata has been in existence from the very first program that was written. Forms of early metadata are files names, variable names, programs, and directories. Much of this data should be stored in a data dictionary. We cover the benefits of data dictionaries as well as their drawbacks.
  • Metadata lineage, a recording of the data flows from one system to the next, along with how this data becomes transformed, recalculated, aggregated, summarized, or otherwise edited.
  • The different types of metadata including technical metadata, business metadata, local metadata, and enterprise metadata.
  • The important role that metadata plays within a data warehouse architecture. Both local and enterprise levels are discussed.

Table of Contents

  1. Metadata Overview 00:09:49
  2. Metadata History 00:08:11
  3. Metadata Lineage 00:07:43
  4. Metadata Types 00:07:22
  5. Metadata and Architecture 00:06:08