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Metric Learning

Video Description

This video explores metric learning. These are the topics that will be covered:

  • Intuition behind metric learning
  • Importance of metrics in various tasks of machine learning like classification and regression
  • Example of using information retrieval (image search)
  • Mathematical definition of metric, commonly used metrics, and the process to choose a good metric according to the task at hand
  • Limitation of standard metrics from a classification point of view
  • Formal definition of metric learning
  • Classification constraints on metric learning
  • Learn-able metrics (mahalanobis distance)
  • Limitation of standard mahalanobis distance
  • How to modify mahalanobis distance to overcome limitations of using co-variance matrix
  • Science behind feature space transformation
  • Metric Learning Algorithms (LMNN and ITML)
  • Algorithms as optimization problems
  • Limitations of linear metric learning and their solutions
  • How to do metric learning from a practical point of view using KNN
  • Pointers on approaching any problem using KNN and metric learning

Table of Contents

  1. Metric Learning 1:05:18