How to do it...

Follow these steps to learn how to use the WebREPL over Wi-Fi:

  1. Run the following lines of code in the REPL:
>>> import webrepl_setup
  1. The WebREPL configuration wizard will now start, asking you a series of questions so that the service can be configured. Respond to the following question with the letter E to enable the service at boot-up:
WebREPL daemon auto-start status: disabled

Would you like to (E)nable or (D)isable it running on boot?
(Empty line to quit)
> E
  1. The next set of questions will ask you to enter and confirm the WebREPL password:
To enable WebREPL, you must set password for it
New password (4-9 chars): secret123
Confirm password: secret123
  1. Answer y (yes) for the next question so that the board can be ...

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