Microservices Development on Azure with Java

Video Description

Get started with building and deploying containerized Java microservices on Microsoft Azure with Docker and Kubernetes

About This Video

  • Build an application from scratch by implementing a number of patterns and practices recommended for designing microservices, and fitting these into the Java world.
  • Provision several Platform as a Service (PaaS) Azure offerings on demand, and use them—through their officially supported Java client libraries—to compose robust and highly-available cloud applications (databases, messaging systems, caches, and more).
  • Set up a continuous delivery pipeline on the cloud, a critical milestone for adopting a DevOps culture in your organization.

In Detail

This course will jumpstart your journey of building, deploying and operating containerized Java microservices into the cloud, using Docker and the Azure Kubernetes Service, while leveraging several building blocks of an open and flexible cloud platform that provides excellent support for Java.

Microservices have been adopted by the industry as a significant approach to building applications, and this course will show you a number of patterns that fit naturally into that architectural style.

Along the way, you will get introduced to a number of DevOps practices that will help you manage the full lifecycle of your application, from laptop to cloud and into the hands of your customers, while using state of the art tooling that comes out of the box with Azure.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Microservices-Development-on-Azure-with-Java

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Course Introduction and Fundamental Concepts
    1. The Course Overview 00:03:09
    2. Introduction to Azure for Java Software Developers 00:04:44
    3. Creating an Azure Subscription and Managing Cloud Resources 00:05:08
    4. Docker Containers and Orchestration with Kubernetes 00:09:52
    5. Microservices 101 00:04:27
  2. Chapter 2 : Cloud Environment Setup
    1. Overview of the Course’s Cloud Environment Setup 00:03:20
    2. Provision an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Cluster and an Azure Container Registry (ACR) 00:04:20
    3. Create an Azure DevOps Git Repo and Push a Containerized Spring Boot App 00:05:15
    4. Set Up a Continuous Integration Pipeline with Azure DevOps 00:05:29
    5. Set Up a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Azure DevOps 00:10:29
  3. Chapter 3 : An Event-Sourced Reservations API with Cosmos DB
    1. Overview of the Reservations API and the Event Sourcing Pattern 00:05:50
    2. A Cosmos DB Collection and the Reservations API Skeleton 00:03:15
    3. Event Sourcing Implementation – Part 1 00:06:13
    4. Event Sourcing Implementation – Part 2 00:05:39
    5. Event Sourcing Implementation – Part 3 00:07:46
    6. Event Sourcing Implementation, Demo, and Next Steps 00:05:55
  4. Chapter 4 : A Reviews System with Blob Storage, Service Bus, Cognitive Services, and SendGrid
    1. Overview of the Reviews System 00:01:45
    2. Cloud Resources for the API 00:06:42
    3. Cloud Resources for the Worker 00:04:54
    4. Putting It All Together 00:08:43
  5. Chapter 5 : A Restaurant Menu API with Redis
    1. Overview of the Menu API 00:02:13
    2. Cloud Resources for the API 00:03:55
    3. The System in Action 00:05:19
  6. Chapter 6 : Operational Tips and Next Steps
    1. Using Application Secrets on Kubernetes 00:04:19
    2. Designing Resilient Cloud Applications 00:06:40
    3. Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Optimizing 00:06:33
    4. Introduction to Scaling 00:04:41
    5. Additional Resources to Explore 00:05:01

Product Information

  • Title: Microservices Development on Azure with Java
  • Author(s): Tasos Piotopoulos
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789808858