Chapter 1

Understanding the New World of Work


Bullet Addressing the productivity needs of the four cultural generations

Bullet Moving to a modern IT environment

Bullet Committing to safeguarding business data

Today’s computing environment has leveled the playing field for small businesses. The availability of fast Internet connections has afforded entrepreneurs access to technologies typically only used by big corporations with huge IT budgets. As major cloud service providers compete for market share, a top priority is answering the technology needs of small and medium size businesses (SMB). Sophisticated productivity and security solutions that used to be reserved for large enterprises with huge IT budgets are now available as cloud services at prices within the reach of even a mom-and-pop store.

Against this backdrop, you can see how it’s an exciting time to start a new or manage an existing small business. The days of using free email services full of ads that do nothing to promote a company’s brand are far behind us. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can pay for a full month’s subscription to the same email solution that Fortune 500 companies are using.

If yours is a startup ...

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