Chapter 12

Demystif ying Information Protection


Bullet Diving deep into the world of information protection

Bullet Setting the user environment for Azure Information Protection

Bullet Recovering from a data leak by revoking access to a document

People can say anything they want about robots taking over IT jobs, but as far as I’m concerned, the job of an IT admin is still relevant and much needed today and in the future. If you think about how social media has encouraged people to loosen up about sharing personal information — what they had for lunch, the car they just bought, or their upcoming trip to Cabo while their home will be unattended — it’s not hard to imagine that the same loose attitude could spill over into the workplace.

Consider the hapless lawyer who responded to a colleague with details about their pending case only to realize that by clicking the Reply to All button, he had shared that information with the opposing counsel. Or the police officer in the UK who sent a spreadsheet of criminal record checks to a newspaper instead of to an internal recipient because of Outlook’s auto-complete feature.

These scenarios are just two of many illustrating why IT admins should ...

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