Chapter 15

Managing Mobile Devices


Bullet Breaking down the stages of managing devices

Bullet Understanding the components for device management

Bullet Checking out configurations from the end user’s perspective

A few years ago, implementing a mobile device management (MDM) strategy for a small business — especially those with a bring your own device (BYOD) policy — was challenging. The process was much more complex and required highly skilled IT staff whose salaries were out of reach for SMBs. Additionally, the solutions available at that time didn’t have the flexibility to manage only the data that belongs to the company. Therefore, if mobile devices were enrolled in MDM, the device owners would lose all of their personal files if the devices were wiped for one reason or another.

Fast forward to today, and we find that SMBs no longer have the luxury of not managing mobile devices in their organization. The question a small business needs to address today is whether they should manage just devices, or just the apps running on devices, or a combination of devices and apps.

Think of Dave, a millennial, who works in the sales department for an organization similar to yours. Dave has ...

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