Chapter 17

Browsing with the Edge Mobile App


Bullet Realizing the hidden value of the Edge browser

Bullet Configuring app policies for Edge to streamline an implementation.

Bullet Caring for the end users’ experience in a managed browser scenario

In the early 1800s, a young child was playing in his father’s workshop with an awl, a tool that punches holes in leather. While pressing the tool down hard on a piece of leather, the three-year-old somehow struck his eyes with the tool. This accident led to an eye infection and, ultimately, complete blindness in both eyes by the time he was five years old.

It’s fair to feel sorry for this young child and to assume that for the rest of his life, his disability would prevent him from achieving great things. But such is not the case for Louis Braille. Through his determination, creativity, intelligence, and the love and support of his parents, Braille went on to become a professor, a musician, and most importantly, the inventor of a system that, more than 200 years later, is still widely used today: braille.

Braille is a system for reading and writing for people who are blind or visually impaired. Although it has been adapted to many languages ...

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