Chapter 20

Managing Collaboration Workspaces


Bullet Comparing the three key collaboration solutions

Bullet Glancing at the adoption rate of SharePoint in your organization

Bullet Administering active sites

“ Keep calm. It works on my machine.”

That mantra greets employees from the back of a strategically positioned monitor on the IT admin’s desk at one of my small-business customers. I’m not sure how effective the sticker is in diffusing the panic or frustration employees feel when they decides that a personal visit to the IT guy is due because the ticket they submitted a minute ago is not enough. But what I do know is that the IT guy is one of the more than half a million subredditors who regularly post tales of IT admin woes at a popular subreddit for professionals in tech support.

Admit it. If you’re an IT admin, you have mastered, or are on your way to mastering, the art of duplicity. You’ve probably used phrases like “sorry for being unclear” when you really meant “No, I wasn’t unclear. You obviously didn’t read my response to your support ticket, so do me a favor and read the entire email before you reply and copy your boss and my boss and their boss.”

I’m not going lie to you. ...

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