Chapter 14. Using VBA to Enhance Forms


  • Fundamental VBA concepts

  • Creating Forms the 2010 way

  • Using the TreeView and ListView controls

A first impression is lasting, so be sure that your forms make it a great one. In the solution you provide for a client, the forms you create are the first things that people see and use. So forms should be as attractive as they are effective and intuitive.

Access 2010's out-of-the box features and controls replace many of the common tools and functions that required testing, error trapping, and add-ins. These features are more than just time savers; they build in consistency and motivate you to deliver better solutions. You can dress up forms with subtle shading, colorful lines, and sleek image controls.

Users like being able to scroll through data sheets, instantly see the details, and even update the record. They also appreciate how easy assigning a task to several people is, particularly because they can add a person to the list without missing a beat. Unlimited opportunities exist for including attachments right in the database.

Those are just some of the features that you'll explore in this chapter.

If something already looks and works this good, then imagine how great your solution will be when you leverage it with VBA. That's what this chapter is all about. In addition to seeing how to use VBA with some of the enhanced features, you'll also examine some of the important mainstays such as working with combo boxes, creating multiple ...

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