Chapter 22. The Access 2010 Templates


  • A discussion about each of the different kinds of templates in Access 2010

  • A review of the previously existing standalone database and Field templates for Access 2010

  • A discussion about the new Web templates and Application Parts features introduced in Access 2010

  • How to create templates using the Save As Template feature available in Access 2010

  • A discussion of the ACCDT file format

Microsoft Access 2010 marks another significant release for the Access templates. Not only has the Access team continued to build new templates to expand their depth of built-in database applications, but they have added several new features to expand the template feature set in Access 2010. Leveraging the Access 2010 templates not only reduces the cost of application development, but also greatly enhances any database application. And, best of all, not only can you build applications from templates and application parts, you can also build your own templates to distribute to friends, customers, or even the world using some of the new features of Microsoft Office online with Access 2010!


The template features available in Access 2010 have changed in a number of ways, compared to Access 2007 and earlier versions. The following list outlines the major template features that are new in Access 2010:

  • New database templates: A set of new templates has been re-leased with Access 2010. The 2010 database templates are designed ...

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