Creating a New Database Application

This lesson discusses the options available for creating a new database using Access 2010. It discusses the different database file types available, and when you should use each. Also, you learn how to create a blank database and how to create a working application from a database template.

Microsoft Access has included database templates since Access 2.0, and in Access 2007, the template features were greatly improved. Access 2010 templates include multiple applications, such as the new and improved sample Northwind database application.

The official Microsoft Office website has many Access database applications and templates available for download. Some templates have been created by the Microsoft Access development team, and with the release of Access 2010, users and developers can submit templates to Microsoft to be shared with the community directly through the new Access 2010 Backstage. Creating new database applications from scratch or from a template is easier than ever using Access 2010.


In this lesson you learn about the different options available in Access 2010 for creating database files. This lesson then provides examples for creating a blank database and creating a database from a template. To complete this lesson, you should have Access 2010 installed on your machine and be familiar with starting the program. Otherwise, no prior knowledge of Access is required for this lesson.


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