The Access 2010 Backstage

The Backstage View is a new feature of Access 2010. It replaces the File menu as a one-stop source for important information about the program and access to commands in the current database, as well as working with many of the features of the Access program itself. The Office button in Access 2007 introduced some of the same features as the Backstage, but 2010 moves even more Access program functionality to a central location.


In this lesson you explore the features available in the Access 2010 Backstage. Many of the commands from the Database Tools Ribbon in Access 2007, or the Tools menus prior to Access 2007, have been moved to Access Backstage. This lesson provides an overview of the Backstage, its features, and some examples of how it can be used in Access 2010.


The Backstage View in Access 2010 is a single-stop site for many commands that were previously scattered throughout the Ribbon, or other menus, in the previous versions of Access. Everything needed to open an existing database, create a blank database, create a database from a template, set options for the current database, or set options for the Access program itself are presented in the Backstage. The Backstage provides a number of tools for working directly with database files, such as converting the file format, working with relationships, compacting and repairing the database, publishing the database to SharePoint, packaging and signing the database file ...

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