Chapter 18. The XmlDataDocument

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Create an XmlDataDocument from a DataSet.

  • Create a DataSet from an XmlDataDocument.

  • Navigate an XmlDataDocument by using the XML Document Object Model (DOM).

  • Execute XPath queries against an XmlDataDocument.

  • Create nodes in an XmlDataDocument.

  • Retrieve a DataRow from an XmlDataDocument node.

  • Retrieve an XmlDataDocument node from a DataRow.

In this chapter, we'll examine the XmlDataDocument, a descendant of the XmlDocument that provides an XML view of the relational data contained in a DataSet.

Understanding the XmlDataDocument

Although the relational data model is efficient, there are times when it is convenient to manipulate data by using the tools that XML provides—the ...

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