Microsoft AZ-103 Azure Administrator Exam Certification

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Microsoft has recently released the new Azure Administrator Certification which now requires you to pass the AZ-103. As such, we have released the AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment course to get you started on your journey to certification. Be one of the first to pass the exam and gain the Azure Administrator Certification.

During your journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, and ultimately passing your chosen exam.

This course curriculum follows the Microsoft's AZ-103 exam outline:
-Manage Azure Subscriptions and Resources
- Implement and Manage Storage
- Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs)
- Configure and Manage Virtual Networks
- Manage Identities
- We've also included a bonus section on ARM and Automation which we think will help solidify some of the requirements indicated in the curriculum.
- Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

Thanks for joining us!

- New VM Availability Zones Lecture
- New Load Balancers Section
- New Networking Monitoring Section

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Table of contents

  1. AZ-103: Course Introduction
  2. Lecture: Azure Overview
  3. 1.1. Manage Azure Subscriptions
    1. Lecture: Intro to Accounts and Subscriptions
    2. Demo: Create a Trial Account
    3. Demo: Quotas, Cost Analysis and Tagging
    4. Demo: Billing Alerts
    5. Demo: Configure Subscription Policies
  4. 1.2. Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption
    1. Lecture: Overview of Monitoring capabilities in Azure
    2. Demo: Azure Alerts and Monitoring
    3. Demo: Storage Diagnostics
    4. Lecture: Log Analytics Overview
    5. Demo: Log Analytics
  5. 1.3. Manage Resource Groups
    1. Demo: Resource Groups and Tagging
    2. Lecture: Resource Locks
    3. Demo: Resource Locks
    4. Lecture: Azure Policies
    5. Demo: Azure Policies
  6. 2.1. Create and Configure Storage Accounts
    1. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    2. Demo: Storage Account Portal
    3. Demo: Storage Account PowerShell
    4. Demo: Azure Storage Explorer
    5. Demo: AzCopy
    6. Lecture: Manage Permissions
    7. Demo: Shared Access Signatures
    8. Lecture: Storage Keys
    9. Lecture: Custom Domains
  7. 2.2. Import and Export Data to Azure
    1. Lecture: Import/Export
    2. Lecture: CDN
    3. Demo: CDN
  8. 2.3. Configure Azure Files
    1. Demo: Create Azure File Share
    2. Demo: Azure File Sync
  9. 2.4. Implement Azure Backup
    1. Lecture: Azure Backup Overview
    2. Demo: Azure Backup
    3. Demo: Azure MARS Backup
  10. 3.1. Create and configure a VM for Windows and Linux
    1. VMs Overview - Part 1
    2. VMs Overview - Part 2
    3. VMs Overview - Part 3
    4. VMs Overview - Part 4
    5. Demo: Deploy VM from Portal
    6. Demo: Connect to Windows VM
    7. Demo: Connect to Linux VM
  11. 3.2. Automate Deployment of VMs
    1. Lecture: Custom Images
    2. Demo: Create a Custom Image
    3. Lecture: PowerShell DSC Overview
    4. Demo: PowerShell DSC
    5. Lecture: Custom Script Extension
    6. Demo: Deploy VM with PowerShell
  12. 3.3. Manage Azure VM Storage and Networking
    1. Lecture: VM Storage Overview
    2. Demo: Add Disk
    3. Lecture: Disk Caching
    4. Demo: Disk Caching
    5. Demo: VM Networking
  13. 3.4. VM Availability
    1. Lecture: VM Availability Overview
    2. Demo: Availability Sets
    3. Lecture: Availability Zones
  14. 3.5. VM Scale Sets
    1. Lecture: VM Scaling Overview
    2. Demo: VM Scale Sets
  15. 4.1. Azure Networking
    1. Lecture: Network Overview
    2. Demo: VNETS and Subnets
    3. Lecture: IP Addressing
    4. Demo: Static Private and Public IP
  16. 4.2. Create Connectivity Between Virtual Networks
    1. Lecture: Hybrid Connectivity Options
    2. Lecture: Routing and Peering
    3. Demo: Routes and VNET Peering
    4. Lecture: Hybrid Scenarios
  17. 4.3. Configure Name Resolution
    1. Lecture: IP and DNS
  18. 4.4. Create and Configure a Network Security Group (NSG)
    1. Lecture: Network Security Groups
    2. Demo: Network Security Groups
  19. 4.5. Load Balancing
    1. Lecture: Load Balancing
    2. Demo: Azure Load Balancer
    3. Demo: Azure Application Gateway
  20. 4.6. Network Monitoring
    1. Demo: Network Watcher
  21. 5.1. Manage Azure Active Directory (AD)
    1. Lecture: Azure AD Overview
    2. Demo: Create Directory
    3. Demo: Create Azure AD Users and Groups
    4. Demo: Configure Self-Service Password Reset
    5. Lecture: Azure AD Pricing
  22. 5.2. Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities
    1. Lecture: AD Connect Overview
    2. Lecture: SSO and MFA
    3. Lecture: B2C and B2B
    4. Demo: AADDS
    5. Demo: AD Connect
    6. Demo: AD Connect Health
  23. 6.1. ARM Templates
    1. Lecture: ARM Overview
    2. Demo: Query Resource Providers
    3. Demo: ARM Templates
    4. Lecture: ARM Functions and Linking Templates
    5. Demo: ARM Count Loops
    6. Demo: Save Deployment as ARM Template
  24. 6.2. Azure Automation
    1. Demo: Azure Automation
    2. Demo: Azure Automation DSC

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  • Title: Microsoft AZ-103 Azure Administrator Exam Certification
  • Author(s): Nick Colyer
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
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