Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Course: Azure Design Technologies

Video description

The AZ-304 course is intended for IT engineers and architects who have previous experience of Microsoft Azure. Since Azure services were released, there have been several additions and updates to the platform that will be explored in this course. In order for you to achieve success and pass the AZ-304 exam, this Skylines Academy course will guide you through a series of sections, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, alongside other helpful study material. We have got you covered!

During this course, you will gain knowledge and hands-on experience of:

- Design Logging and Monitoring solutions such as Log Analytics, Network Watcher and Security Center
Implement Cost Optimization for your environment
- Design Compute such as Virtual Machines for Windows and Linux
- Design and Manage Storage Accounts
- Deploy Automation and Configure Resources
- Implement Azure AD and PIM
- Design and Manage Hybrid Identities
- Configure Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
- Design and Manage Governance Solutions
- Design Load Balancing and Network Security
- Design for High Availability
- Architect Security for Applications
- Design an Application Infrastructure
- Design Container-based Applications
- Design Data Platforms like Azure SQL and CosmosDB
- Design a solution for Backup and Recovery with Azure Backup and ASR
- Design Migrations using Azure Migrate

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction Video
  2. Design a Solution for Logging and Monitoring
    1. Lecture: Azure Monitoring Overview
    2. Demo: Monitoring and Alerts
    3. Lecture: Logging Design
    4. Lecture: Log Analytics
    5. Demo: Log Analytics
    6. Lecture: Network Watcher
    7. Lecture: Security Center
    8. Lecture: Alerting
    9. Lecture: Monitoring Scenarios
  3. Design for Cost Optimization
    1. Lecture: Cost Management and Pricing Calculators
    2. Demo: Cost Management
  4. Design Authentication
    1. Lecture: Domain Services
    2. Lecture: Azure AD Overview
    3. Lecture: Azure AD Connect
    4. Demo: Create Azure AD Tenant
    5. Demo: Manage Users and Groups
    6. Review: Authentication Options
    7. Lecture: SSO and MFA
    8. Lecture: Self Service and Password Reset
    9. Lecture: Identity Protection
    10. Demo: Identity Protection
  5. Design Authorization
    1. Lecture: Accounts and Subscriptions Overview
    2. Demo: Accounts and Subscription Management
    3. Lecture: Resource Groups and Tagging
    4. Demo: Resource Groups and Tagging
    5. Lecture: RBAC
    6. Demo: RBAC
    7. Lecture: PIM
    8. Demo : PIM Setup
    9. Demo: PIM RBAC
  6. Design Governance
    1. Lecture: Azure Locks
    2. Demo: Azure Locks
    3. Lecture: Azure Policy
    4. Demo: Azure Policy and Management Groups
  7. Design Security for Applications
    1. Lecture: Key Vault
    2. Demo: Key Vault
  8. Design Data Storage
    1. Lecture: Types of Data
    2. Lecture: Azure SQL
    3. Lecture: SQL Pricing Models
    4. Demo: SQL
    5. Lecture: SQL Auditing
    6. Lecture: Caching
    7. Demo: SQL Long Term Backups
    8. Lecture: Cosmos DB
    9. Lecture: Cosmos Consistency Levels
    10. Lecture: Big Data
    11. Lecture: Azure Data Factory
  9. Design Storage Accounts
    1. Lecture: Storage Overview
    2. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    3. Demo: Storage Account Portal
    4. Lecture: Manage Permissions
    5. Lecture: SAS Demo
    6. Lecture: Storage Keys
  10. Design a Solution for Backup and Recover
    1. Lecture: Service Level Agreements
    2. Lecture: Business Continuity
    3. Lecture: Azure Site Recovery
    4. Demo: Prepare Azure for Site Recovery
    5. Demo: Prepare VMware for Site Recovery
    6. Lecture: Azure Backup Overview
  11. Design Compute
    1. Lecture: Design Compute
    2. Lecture: VMs Overview
    3. Lecture: VM Storage
    4. Lecture: VM Images
    5. Lecture: Availability Sets and Zones
    6. Demo: Availability
    7. Lecture: Scaling Overview
    8. Demo: Scaling
    9. Lecture: Containers
    10. Demo: Install Docker
    11. Demo: Prepare App for AKS
    12. Demo: Create Azure Container Registry
    13. Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster
    14. Demo: AKS Run App and Scale
  12. Design Network
    1. Lecture: Network Overview
    2. Demo: Create Network in Portal
    3. Demo: Create Network in PowerShell
    4. Lecture: VNet Peering and Connectivity
    5. Demo: VNet Peering
    6. Lecture: Hybrid Networking
    7. Lecture: Routing
    8. Demo: User Defined Routes
    9. Lecture: Internet and DNS
    10. Demo: Private DNS
    11. Demo: Public DNS
    12. Lecture: Network Security Overview
    13. Lecture: Network Security Groups
    14. Demo: NSGs
    15. Lecture: Azure Firewall
    16. Demo: Azure Firewall
    17. Lecture: Load Balancing
    18. Demo: Load Balancing
    19. Lecture: Front Door
    20. Demo: DDOS Protection
    21. Demo: Front Door
    22. Lecture: Azure Bastion
    23. Lecture: DDOS Protection
  13. Design App Architecture
    1. Lecture: Microservices Architectures
    2. Lecture: Orchestrating Deployments
  14. Design Migrations
    1. Lecture: Evaluate Migration Scenarios with Azure Migrate

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Course: Azure Design Technologies
  • Author(s): Nick Colyer, Skylines Academy
  • Release date: October 2020
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: 10009AZ304