Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies

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Welcome to the NEW Skylines Academy AZ-500 Course!

Properly securing resources while making them available to users that require access is a constant concern within an IT and cloud environment. This course will explore how to manage identities, provide role-based access, and secure data within an Azure ecosystem.

During your journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, and ultimately passing, the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam.

What you will learn:
- Know how to implement secure infrastructure solutions in the Microsoft Azure platform
- What you need to pass the AZ-500 - Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification
- Azure security core services and capabilities

Skylines Academy Course Outline:
- Introduction and Study Resources
- Azure Security Overview
- Azure Active Directory Workloads
- Privileged Identity Management & Tenant Security
- Platform Protection: Network Security
- Platform Protection: Host Security
- Containers and Security
- Governance and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
- Security Operations
- Securing Data Services
- Storage Security
- Key Management
- Application Security

Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

Note: Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing new lectures and demos. We'll send out an email as we release brand new content to you but here's a snapshot of what will be added:
VM Security
Configure Endpoint Security
System Updates for Virtual Machines
Container Security
Azure Security Center Policy Management
Security Alerts
Security Events
Vulnerability Scanning
Configure security for HDInsight
And more!

Thank you for joining us!

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Azure Quick Overview
    2. Azure Free Trial Account Creation
  2. 1. Azure Security Overview
    1. Lecture: Defense in Depth
    2. Lecture: Security Layers
    3. Lecture: Compliance and Security Requirements
  3. 2. Azure Active Directory for Workloads
    1. Lecture: Azure Active Directory (AD) Overview
    2. Demo: Create Azure AD Tenant
    3. Demo: Move Subscription to another Directory
    4. Demo: Create Users and Groups
    5. Demo: Self-Service Password Reset
    6. Lecture: AD Connect Overview
    7. Demo: Implementing AD Connect
    8. Demo: Monitoring with AD Connect Health
    9. Lecture: AD Authentication Options
    10. Lecture: SSO and MFA
    11. Lecture: Service Principals
    12. Demo: Create a Service Principal
    13. Demo: App Registration
    14. Lecture: Identity Protection
  4. 3. Privileged Identity Management Tenant Security
    1. Lecture: Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Overview
    2. Demo: Configure Azure PIM
    3. Demo: Assign Resource Roles (RBAC)
    4. Demo: PIM Role Activation
  5. 4. Platform Protection: Network Security
    1. Lecture: Network Overview
    2. Demo: Create VNets and Subnets via the Azure Portal and PowerShell
    3. Demo: Configure User-Defined Routes and VNet Peering
    4. Lecture: Network Security Overview
    5. Lecture: Network Security Groups (NSGs)
    6. Demo: Create and Configure a NSG
    7. Lecture: Azure Load Balancing Services
    8. Demo: Create and Configure an Azure Load Balancer
    9. Demo: Configure App Gateway
    10. Lecture: Azure Firewall
    11. Lecture/Demo: Configure Azure Firewall
    12. Lecture: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
    13. Demo: Configure DDoS
    14. Demo: Network Watcher
  6. 5. Platform Protection: Host Security
    1. Lecture: Virtual Machines (VMs) Overview Part 1
    2. Lecture: VMs Overview Part 2
    3. Demo: Create a VM
    4. Demo: Connect to Azure Windows
    5. Lecture: VM Disk Encryption
    6. Demo: Key Vault for Disk Encryption
    7. Demo: Encrypt Windows VM
    8. Lecture: VM Security Best Practices
    9. Demo: Security Center and VM Management
    10. Demo: VM Hardening in Security Center (Endpoint Protection)
  7. 6. Containers and Security
    1. Lecture: Containers Overview
    2. Demo: Install Docker and Git for Windows
    3. Demo: Prepare Application for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    4. Demo: Create Azure Container Registry
    5. Demo: Create Kubernetes Cluster
    6. Demo: Run Application on Kubernetes
    7. Demo: Securing the Container Registry
    8. Lecture/Demo: Container Security: Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    9. Lecture: Container Scanning
  8. 7. Governance and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    1. Lecture: RBAC Overview
    2. Demo: Implement Role-Based Access
    3. Lecture: Azure Policy
    4. Demo: Implement Azure Region Policy
    5. Demo: Subscription Policies
    6. Lecture: Azure Resource Locks
    7. Demo: Implement a Resource Lock
  9. 8. Security Operations
    1. Demo: Azure Monitor and Alerts
    2. Lecture: Log Analytics
    3. Demo: Log Analytics
    4. Lecture: Azure Security Center Overview
    5. Demo: Prevent and Respond to Threats in Azure Security Center
  10. 9. Securing Data Services
    1. Lecture: Azure SQL Services
    2. Demo: Creating an Azure SQL Database
    3. Lecture: Design Auditing and Caching Strategies
    4. Demo: SQL Long Term Backup Retention
    5. Lecture: Cosmos DB
    6. Lecture: Cosmos DB Consistency Levels
    7. Lecture: Azure Data Lake Store Overview
    8. Demo: Implement Security for Azure Data Lake Store
    9. Lecture: Types of Data
  11. 10. Storage Security
    1. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    2. Demo: Create a Storage Account via Portal
    3. Demo: Use Storage Explorer with Azure Storage
    4. Lecture: Manage Permissions
    5. Demo: Create and Manage SAS
    6. Lecture: Encryption Keys and Key Vault
  12. 11. Key Management
    1. Lecture: Key Vault Overview
    2. Demo: Create a Key Vault Followed by a Key Secret

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Azure Security Technologies
  • Author(s): Dwayne Natwick, Nick Colyer
  • Release date: August 2019
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: 1018947655