Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Course: Azure Fundamentals

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Not sure where to start with the Microsoft Azure platform? Whether an IT pro or new to the platform, this is exam is exactly what you need to form a solid foundation which will propel you on your Azure journey. The Azure Fundamentals course will provide you with all of the foundational information you need to jumpstart your knowledge of Azure.

During your journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, and ultimately passing, the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 exam.
What you will learn:
Understand the basics of the Azure platform
What you need to pass the AZ-900 - Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification
Core Azure fundamentals
Course Curriculum:
Understand cloud concepts
Understand core Azure services
Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust
Understand Azure pricing and support
Lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of the Azure platform and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.
Welcome to Skylines Academy and the AZ-900 course. Thank you for joining us!

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Table of contents

  1. 1. Understand Cloud Concepts
    1. Lecture: Cloud Concepts
    2. Lecture: Elasticity
    3. Lecture: Scalability
    4. Lecture: Cloud Service Models
    5. Lecture: Cloud Economics
    6. Lecture: Cloud Deployment Models
  2. 2. Azure Core Services
    1. Lecture: Azure Core Services Overview
    2. Demo: Quick Overview of Azure Portal
    3. Lecture: Azure Regions
    4. Lecture: cGroups
    5. Demo: Resource Groups
    6. Lecture: Azure Resource Manager
  3. 3. Compute
    1. Lecture: Azure Virtual Machines
    2. Demo: Create a VM
    3. Demo: Connect to a Windows VM
    4. Lecture: VM Availability
    5. Lecture: Availability Zones
    6. Lecture: App Services
    7. Demo: App Service Plan
    8. Demo: Deploy Web App
    9. Lecture Containers
    10. Lecture: Serverless Computing
    11. Lecture: Comparing Compute Options
  4. 4. Networking
    1. Lecture: Networking Overview
    2. Demo: Virtual Networks (VNets) and Subnets
    3. Lecture: Hybrid Connectivity
    4. Lecture: Load Balancers
    5. Demo: Load Balancing
    6. Lecture: Content Delivery Network
    7. Demo: Content Delivery Network
  5. 5. Data and Storage Services
    1. Lecture: Types of Data
    2. Lecture: Azure SQL
    3. Lecture: Cosmos DB
    4. Lecture: Azure Storage
    5. Lecture: VM Disk Storage
    6. Lecture: Storage Account Overview
    7. Demo: Storage Account via Azure Portal
  6. 6. Other Services
    1. Lecture: IOT Services
    2. Lecture: Big Data Services
    3. Lecture: Machine Learning
  7. 7. Accounts and Identity
    1. Lecture: Accounts and Subscriptions Overview
    2. Lecture: Domain Services
    3. Lecture: Azure AD
    4. Lecture: RBAC
    5. Demo: RBAC
    6. Lecture: Azure Policy
    7. Demo: Azure Policy
    8. Lecture: Resource Locks
    9. Demo: Resource Locks
  8. 8. Compliance, Security, and Cost
    1. Lecture: Security Center
    2. Demo: Security Center
    3. Walkthrough: Pricing Calculator and Azure Advisor
    4. Lecture: Compliance and Security

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  • Title: Microsoft AZ-900 Certification Course: Azure Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Nick Colyer
  • Release date: June 2019
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: 10009AZ900454545