Chapter 5

Deploying and Configuring Azure Virtual Machines


Bullet Planning your VM deployment in Azure

Bullet Deploying Linux and Windows Server VMs

Bullet Connecting to and configuring your Azure VMs

Bullet Monitoring your VMs

In my experience as an Azure solutions architect, I find that most of my clients naturally think of virtual machines (VMs) in two situations:

  • When they’re migrating their existing workloads to Azure
  • When they’re deploying new workloads directly to the cloud

One of my joys as a cloud consultant is showing customers that they don’t have to use Azure VMs. Azure includes many wonderful Platform as a Service (PaaS) options, such as Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database, that can provide geo-scaling and fast agility.

If you need full stack control of your environment, Azure fully supports VMs. In this chapter, I explain the various Azure VM options and how to deploy and configure Windows Server and Linux VMs in Azure.

Planning Your VM Deployment

You may recall the carpenter’s aphorism “Measure twice, cut once,” which stresses the importance of planning before you jump ...

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