Microsoft DP-900 Certification Course: Azure Data Fundamentals

Video description

Welcome to Skylines Academy, where you will be introduced to the world of Azure database services with the DP-900 certification course!

This course is for you if you:
- Want to gain knowledge of Azure database services
- Are looking to warm up or begin your data journey and don’t know where to start
- Develop a skillset in Azure data, which is becoming more and more sought after as organizations are seeking ways to innovate
- Take the DP-900 certification exam and are looking for a place to start

Course Description:
- A course introduction to set the stage for your learning
Core Data Concepts:
- Core Data Workload Types
- Data Analytics Core Concepts
Relational Data on Azure:
- Relational Data Workloads
- Relational Azure Data Services
- Basic Management Tasks for Relational Data
- Query Techniques for Data using SQL Language
Non-Relational Data on Azure:
- Non-Relational Data Workloads
- Non-Relational Data Offerings on Azure
- Basic Management Tasks for Relational Data
Analytics Workloads on Azure:
- Analytics Workloads
- Modern Data Warehouse Components
- Data Ingestions and Processing on Azure
- Data Visualization in Microsoft Power BI

Using the Skylines Academy approach, lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of Azure data, and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real world.

Product information

  • Title: Microsoft DP-900 Certification Course: Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Author(s): Skylines Academy, Michael Levan
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Skylines Academy, LLC
  • ISBN: 10009DP9002021