Chapter 24. Working with Visualizations: Charts and Dashboards


  • Using and creating charts

  • Advanced charting with the SDK

  • Using and creating dashboards

One of the most significant features introduced with Dynamics CRM 2011 is visualizations. Visualizations (charts and dashboards) enable users to quickly summarize information from thousands of records into snapshots. But visualizations go beyond static graphical pictures — they also enable users to interact with them. This interactive experience with visualizations means that users can move from summary data to detailed actionable information in a few clicks.

Visualizations can be created by users for personal use, or by administrators for distribution systemwide. Users can share their user visualizations with others. Charts and dashboards presented by visualizations honor each user's security settings to ensure that data is protected.

The visualization framework can also be expanded if desired. Organizations can create their own visualizations or Microsoft and third parties can offer new visualizations over time. Some visualization expansions may include new chart types, geographic mapping, SharePoint and social media integration, Gantt charts, gauges for tracking goals, and advanced data analysis through statistical modeling.


In addition to the visualizations discussed in this chapter, you can also use Excel and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create and publish other types of visualizations. For more information, ...

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