The New Way to Work with Data, Formulas, and Functions

In this section, you will learn how to effectively work with Excel 2010 and explore the new possibilities.

Creating the Month Data Series

To quickly create a list of all months of the year, perform the following steps:

  1. Select File/New and click Create to open an empty Excel workbook.

  2. Enter the following text in columns A2 through E2 (see Figure 1-1):

    • Month (A2)

    • Purchase (B2)

    • Sales (C2)

    • Profit margin (D2)

    Naming the table columns.

    Figure 1-1. Naming the table columns.

  3. To enter the names of the months, you will use the fill feature. Start by entering January in cell A3.

  4. Select cell A3 and point to the small square in the lower-right ...

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