Chapter 9. More Excel financial functions

Questions answered in this chapter:

  • You are buying a copier. Would you rather pay $11,000 today or $3,000 a year for five years?

  • If at the end of each of the next 40 years I invest $2,000 a year toward my retirement and earn 8 percent a year on my investments, how much will I have when I retire?

  • I am borrowing $10,000 for 10 months with an annual interest rate of 8 percent. What are my monthly payments? How much principal and interest am I paying each month?

  • I want to borrow $80,000 and make monthly payments for 10 years. The maximum monthly payment I can afford is $1,000. What is the maximum interest rate I can afford?

  • If I borrow $100,000 at 8 percent interest and make payments of $10,000 per year, how many ...

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