Chapter 45. PowerPivot

Questions answered in this chapter:

  • How can I load data into PowerPivot?

  • How can I use PowerPivot to create a PivotTable?

  • How can I use slicers with PowerPivot?

  • What are DAX functions?

Microsoft PowerPivot was first introduced as a downloadable add-in for Excel 2010. If you have Excel 2013 Pro Plus or Office 365, PowerPivot for Excel is available to you. PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2013 is an add-in that enables you to:

  • Store and query large volumes of data (think hundreds of millions of rows) efficiently that you can combine from multiple data sources and multiple data formats. For example, some of your data might come from a Microsoft Access database, some from a text file, some from several Excel files, and some from live ...

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